About Us

Afilias' specialized technology makes Internet addresses more accessible and useful through a wide range of applications, including Internet domain registry services, Managed DNS and award-winning mobile Web services.

Full Stack Developer

Who Are You
In today's development world you don't just write code. You don't commit at the end of the day and expect the job to be done, relying on QA to catch your mistakes. You unit test. You fret about code coverage (not to reach x%, but because that untested branch just might have a bug). When the business gives you “high level” requirements you don't sit waiting for details, you go get them. If someone reports a bug you don't understand, you work with that individual to make it reproducible. You document your software system. You diagram when appropriate. Your software is easy to install and configure. You have the agile manifesto printed out and pinned to the wall. You have the dark agile manifesto printed out and pinned on the other wall. You practice DRY, YAGNI and other SOLID development principles in your day to day coding.

Who Are We
Afilias's top level domain portfolio is second only to the .com and .net behemoths. We are the engine that drives much of the world's top level domain infrastructure including .org, .info, .mobi and many country code TLDs.
Security, concurrency, stability, and availability are practicalities in our daily work. We repeatedly build systems to withstand operational attacks, defuse zero­day exploits, support highly parallel traffic, and maintain high availability.

Why Work for Us
You get to work with other top talent Developers who value the same principles as you do. We encourage learning new techniques, sharing your knowledge with others and invest in the training to get you to the next level. We’re an equal opportunity employer providing a fun but respectful environment to work in. Afilias strives to make your role both challenging and rewarding.

Of course somewhere in here we need to list some actual technology. The role is for a Full Stack Developer which means you need a good balance of front end & back end skills, and the ability to integrate between them. Java and PHP on any *nix are essential. Beyond that any of the following are considered assets: JavaScript, XML, Python, Spring, REST, Hibernate, *SQL, Drupal, Symfony, JUnit, Jenkins, CSS, JQuery, AJAX, UML, Wicket, Spring MVC, Spring Webflow.

To apply for this opportunity, please forward a cover letter and resume to:  careerscanada@afilias.info