About Us

Afilias' specialized technology makes Internet addresses more accessible and useful through a wide range of applications, including Internet domain registry services, Managed DNS and award-winning mobile Web services.

Web Engineer

When you envision a web application your perspective is broad; you can focus in on a single web component and then zoom all the way out to server topologies. While you are a web specialist in HTML, CSS and Javascript, you also understand the full application stack.

REST doesn't mean getting a good night's sleep in your mind. You know what YAGNI and KISS stand for and know when it's appropriate to violate those principles. You understand and appreciate the value of a MVP. You want to create simple and elegant solutions. You can explain why solutions you’ve created not only meet the stated requirements but are also maintainable, robust and scalable.

Testing and Automation are not afterthoughts for you; in fact, they are an essential part of how you design and create applications. You are excited to show off your knowledge of how Testing and Automation accelerate development and add value to projects. To those ends you may have experience with Selenium, Robot and other testing frameworks. You can demonstrate why testing is an integral part of the implementation process.

Injection is a term that you can apply to front end web development using technologies like Angular. You can explain what an Angular directive is or you have experience with similar Javascript frameworks. You like to talk about Javascript frameworks.

You can work with the product owner and the team to refine and narrow scope and requirements. You understand the value of simplification.

You've read at least a part of an RFC in order to achieve a task.

Either through Github pull requests, posting issues, or participating on Stackoverflow you have contributed to an open source project. Perhaps you have your own Github project or a significant Stackoverflow reputation that you can show off to us. We’d love to see it.

While proficient in PHP, other server side languages are not a mystery to you. You have experience with Java, Spring, Python etc... You have no problem working in a *nix environment. You have written BASH scripts.

You know what Puppet, Chef or Ansible is for and may have even experimented with them. You have experience and prefer to work closely with Operations to achieve smooth, automated deployments. You may have experimented with Docker or Rocket.

You're a full-stack developer with a pedigree of experience to talk to. You really know Javascript -- and perhaps Coffeescript. You cut your teeth on JQuery. You might prefer HAML over HTML. Discovering SASS/SCSS/LESS was a great day for you. Your first instinct is to write documentation in Markdown or AsciiDoc.

If you've agreed with the majority of these statements, you're probably a good fit to work with us.

Minimum Technical Skills:
Minimum 3 years of overall web application development work experience on Linux/UNIX platforms.
Able to discuss the pros and cons of various Javascript and CSS frameworks,
Strong working experience with HTML, Javascript, CSS, Web Programming Skills, cross-browser compatibility, Web User Interface Design (UI), Security Principles, Object-Oriented Design, Web Services (REST/SOAP), Multimedia Content Development, API's, PHP, GIT, SVN, and front end testing tools such as Selenium.
Experience with Java, Python, BASH, Spring, Junit, Robot Framework, Docker is an asset.

Professional skills required:
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
Understanding of design Patterns; has strong technical leadership skills; Eager to discuss, explain, and promote best practices in the front-end field.
Ability to learn, evaluate and identify new technologies for implementation and able to work in a challenging environment.
Excellent communication skills with an open mind to different opinions from peers and business partners are expected. Strong written and verbal communication skills.
Able to work independently and ability to work well with other team members.

Minimum Education/Experience:
Must have an undergraduate (B.S.) degree in Information Systems, Computer Science, Engineering or other relevant training with at least five years experience programming in a professional environment.

To apply for this opportunity, please submit a cover letter and resume to: careerscanada@afilias.info